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Better Than Any Drug...

November 12th, 2007

Another DOUBLE! SciMjrGW! and THE HUB (dun dun dun) @ 08:54 pm

No really, I'm not lost. I'm right in: hell? no, just the hub...
My mood ring says I'm: distressed homicidal
The drum circle outside is playing: Jack Johnson

It's been a while since I've updated, like usual, but I'm actually really liking these two... If nothing else, my double use of manip/spoof images should make it worth while!

Science Majors! *owww owwww!*

See, I had this stupid idea. I was getting coffee, and they were getting coffee, and one guy said to the other, "Hit me," meaning "Could you please pour me some half and half, good sir." There was at least a small pause before the lactose-containing beverage was shared between the pair of fellows. So I thought of this... And I asked them if they would mind being in my web comic. They seemed so into the idea, I had to draw it. *sigh* It's amusing to me... *frowns* But the logo... the logo ROCKS. *giggles* Oh yes... It is redeeming.

Also, the store should be called "The Troll" colloquially because it's a cute name, and it's under The Bridge. Meh.

No, it's cool... I didn't want that Queer Studies class anyway... *weeps*

OK, here's the thing. WHAT THE CHRIST? Today marks the beginning of the dreaded sign-up-as-fast-as-your-preregistration-time-lets-you Spring '08 season... There are ALWAYS issues with The Hub. Even for JanTerm... So what makes this Veterains' Day so special? There were 3 lovely school-wide e-mails to shatters the hearts, minds and dreams of young, eager Hampshire students all over the Valley...
#1: Yeah, um... The Hub ain't working so good. Whoopsie.
#2: In light of the failure of this faulty server we've been depending on for the past year, we're going to pretend today never happened... Keep walking, folks... Tomorrow is today; just go with it...
#3: No, wait... that doesn't help. Ummm, you can sign up when we fix it. L8r.

#1 is a given. We did not need an e-mail to know that The Hub wouldn't work well. #2... Ummmm I didn't know you could do that, really, but at least some of my classes might still be open, right? I mean, if everyone waits a day? #3 WHAT THE FUCKING SHIT ARE YOU KIDDING ME? I'M FROM FUCKING BOSTON. SHIT DOESN'T GET FIXED WHILE YOU'RE THERE! I'D BE SURPRIZED IF THE DAMN THING WORKS BY THE TIME I GRADUATE... THE FUCK AM I SUPPOSED TO DO NOW? CHECK MY FUCKING WEBMAIL EVERY 10 MINUTES FOR THE NEXT WEEK? FUCK!

*breathes* So, that's what this is. It's a cameo by Liz because I actually saw her today for more than 5 minutes, and she was shooting The Hub in our lounge. I love our lounge. That is all.

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Date:November 13th, 2007 07:57 am (UTC)
Ok so, Hub=Evil huh...good luck with that thing in the future. Hopefully it would get fixed soon...ever.

"Could you please pour me some half and half, good sir?" *smack!* *giggles*


Better Than Any Drug...